M4YB is Minecraft 4 Your Build

No grief, no BS:

Join us on our mature family friendly server at:


M4YB is an almost vanilla, non PVP server and has great anti-grief protection. Our
policy is NO BS . just come and enjoy Minecraft! We are survival mode
everything else you need to know about server features can be learned

Simple Rules: NO Drama, NO immaturity, Respect Others, NO Advertising
This is a server for Mature People, Kids welcome if they can follow these

Now that you have our our IP and read the Rules, Come
join our community for Building, Adventuring, MOB Fighting and of
course, mining ! so come on and and build a settlement or build solo, the possibility's are endless!

Mumble voice server (by invitation only):

port: 5006

Password might be given to you in game!

Get Mumble Here