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Our first tip for WOW is for you to figure out what class you are playing and STICK WITH IT you don't want to be a "jack of all trades" and master of none do you? it is fine to have multi classes once you have got ALL the basics down on a primary class and specification you will want to use Blizzards Talent Calculator when you are done with that you may like to get a preview of the WOW Legion Expansion Artifact Weapon leveling with wowheads weapon calculator . Once you are familiar with the new prepatch changes Blizzard has made to stats, skill, and professions you might be ready to survive Legion.
Next up if you have a bunch of gear in your inventory, bank, or bags that you are using only for transmogs get rid of it. The new system only requires that you are able to equip the item once, if you where able to do this then that gears transmog will automatically be added to your collection. (noob tip): In the case of professions you will also want to clear as much of the old materials out as possible, if you don't need them for an alt toon or a friend then i would consider either trash vending or sending them to the auction house in the case of AH make sure not to try and sell too high or bother at all if the AH listing price is too high for seriously outdated / unwanted gear, to better understand what gear might be more desirable i highly recommend getting the wow plug-in auctioneer more about that under the following section
World Of Warcraft plug ins: There are all types of plugins that can aid you on your journeys and adventures in wow, those that help with fishing (fishing buddy), Recount for getting to grips with your damage compared to group / raid, deadly boss mod that indicates boss attack type, when to move, when aggravated etc, Healbot an essential for healers and one of my favorites, Handy Notes helps you by marking treasures and items on your map, and many many more to choose from. I would recommend keeping plug-ins to a minimum to those that you feel really help and get used over use but to get started head over and get the addon client at Curse
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